camellias By design

                                                                                                                  Barbara Tuffli


Barbara Tuffli, who grew up in San Francisco’s Bay Area,  has had a passion for plants and gardening since she was a child.  In 1984 she inherited a mature garden  where a high canopy of oak trees sheltered an extensive camellia collection.  Since then she has increased the collection to over 500 plants including many new camellia species, some of which have unique foliage.  Drawing on her background in landscape architecture, she has focused on unusual companion plantings, as well as ways to incorporate camellias into the overall design of a garden.  Her garden, Camellia Hedges, is now documented the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Gardens. https://sova.si.edu/details/AAG.GCA#ref24160

An award-winning fine art flower and garden photographer, Barbara frequently exhibits her “Camellia Portraits” portfolio in connection with her lectures.

  1. 40 years experience growing, judging and consulting

  2. Lecturing on camellias since 2000

  3. Studied Landscape Architecture, University of California

  4. National Chairman, The Garden Club of America Horticulture Committee

  5. President, American Camellia Society

  6. President, San Francisco Peninsula Camellia Society

  7. Horticulture Judge, The Garden Club of America

  8. Judge, American Camellia Society  

  9. Fine Art Flower and Garden Photography and Print Making